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Yellow jade is a radiant & uplifting crystal known for its joyful & positive energies.


Here is a brief description of yellow jade:

1. Optimism & Happiness: Yellow jade is often associated with optimism, happiness & a sunny disposition. It radiates a warm & joyful energy that can uplift the spirits & bring a sense of positivity to one's life. This crystal reminds us to embrace the beauty & joy in each moment.

2. Manifestation & Abundance: Yellow jade is believed to attract abundance & prosperity into one's life. It supports manifestation by enhancing confidence, focus & the ability to set clear intentions. This crystal encourages taking action towards goals & manifesting one's true desires.

3. Personal Power & Confidence: Yellow jade empowers individuals, supporting self-confidence & personal growth. It inspires courage, self-expression & assertiveness. This crystal encourages you to embrace your personal power & step into leadership roles with authenticity.

4. Mental Clarity & Focus: It is known for its ability to enhance mental clarity & focus. It assists in gaining a clear perspective, organizing thoughts & making sound decisions. This crystal helps release mental distractions & promotes a sense of mental clarity & purpose.

5. Emotional Healing & Stability: Yellow jade supports emotional healing & stability. It can help balance & uplift emotions, reducing feelings of anxiousness & stress. It promotes emotional stability, self-compassion& a greater sense of inner peace.

6. Energy Cleansing & Vitality: It is believed to have cleansing & energizing properties. It can help remove stagnant or negative energies from the aura, promoting a sense of vitality & well-being. This crystal revitalizes the energy field, bringing a renewed sense of strength & vitality.


Please note that the above description provides a general overview of yellow jade's properties. Each person may have a unique experience when working with this crystal, so it's important to trust your intuition & personal connection to the stone.




***Pleae note: Due to factors like lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc. there might be some slight differences in in the colour tone of the pictures and the actual item.

Yellow Jade

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