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7 Chakras:

Crown - Moonstone. Third Eye - Larvikite. Throat - Amazonite. Heart - Rose Quartz. Solar plexus - Yellow Jade. Sacral - Clear Quartz. Root - Red Agate.

Size - M/L 20cm

Bead size - 8mm

18ct Gold Plated cubic zirconia loop



***Pleae note: Due to factors like lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc. there might be some slight differences in in the colour tone of the pictures and the actual item.

7 Chakras with cubic zirconia loop bracelet

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  • Crystal Description

    Moonstone: Emotional openness. Healing. Nurturing. New beginnings.

    Larvikite: Transformation. Wards of negative energies. Protective. Mental strength

    Amazonite: Courage. Truth. Boosts self confidence.

    Rose Quartz: Self-love. Kindness. Self-love & Self-worth.

    Yellow Jade: Clarity. Release tension. Harmony. Abundance. Luck.

    Clear Quartz: Mental clarity. Protective. Master healer. Light bringer.

    Red Agate: Shields from negative energies. Protective. Grounding. Emotional balance.

  • Care Instructions

    Gold layer material, usually last 6 to 12 months and sometimes even longer if special care is taken!

    Avoid contact with excessive sweat, water and perfume

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